Aeration Blowers -In Stock

Roots Blower 32 U RAI assembly, w/Filter, motor, cover

-Manufacturer: Gardner Denver Sutorbilt
-Model / Description: 3LP Sutorbilt Legend Positive Displacement Blower
complete with 7 H/P TEFC 230/3/50-60 motor with slide base and V- belt
drive system. All enclosed within a fiberglass sound and water resistant
-Enclosure size: Medium
-Performance: 246 SCFM against 4.58 PSIG
-Blower Speed: 2965 RPM
-Details of Construction: (Each blower fitted with)
2 1/2 Inlet Filter Silencer
2 1/2 Discharge Check Valve
Discharge Pressure Gauge
AEON PD Lubricant
Vibration Mounts
All fittings within the housing
-Operating Details
Influent Temperature = 20 degree C
Rel. Humidity = 80%
Elevation = 500 ft AMSL
Horse Power = 7.4 BHP
% of Max Speed = 82%
Estimated Noise = 84 dBA un-enclosed